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Comida Para La Vida Program


This collaboration was initiated in 2007 and implemented in the early part of 2008. The partners involved are TCEDC, the New Mexico Department of Health, Human Services Income Support Division and the St. James Food Pantry. The primary goal of this new program is to provide healthy cooking classes at the TCEDC’s Food Center lead by local area chefs to TANF and Food Stamp recipients. Food for the classes is provided through the St. James Food Pantry and the Department of Health provides the nutritionist. TCEDC is happy to provide its staff and facilities to make this an enjoyable and successful experience for all. Like the “Food Network” participants take part in the preparation of each meal and all sit down together and share the meal when done. 109 participants took part in this six week pilot project.

We are positive and hopeful that this pilot program will be supported through creative funding strategies as the three agencies work together to promote healthy eating in the community.