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Community Garden Project


Community Need
 Over the last 300 years, both Hispanics and Native Americans inhabiting the Taos Valley developed a successful agricultural economy.  Farming was a traditional lifestyle for generation upon generation.  During the past decades this self-sufficient base has eroded, due to the transition to a wage economy, dependence on tourism, and the availability of cheaper agricultural products produced elsewhere.  Lands that were traditionally farmed by residents of northern New Mexico have fallen out of production.  Taos County now faces endemic economic depression and stagnation due to its lack of diversification and the atrophy of its agricultural economic base.
Taos County Economic Development Corporation (TCEDC) has sought to address this problem through several economic diversification programs focusing on agricultural development.  It has received financial and technical assistance from the NMDA and USDA in past years to develop agricultural demonstration projects featuring its Taos Food Center and Sustainable Agriculture Network.  This effort has involved several communities and nonprofit organizations.  As part of this program, TCEDC has established the Community Garden Project.  Participating community members will take part in the planning, planting, cultivation, harvest, processing and sales of 1 acre of vegetables, herbs, and flowers at the TCEDC project site.  The experience provides educational, life-skills, and work-training opportunities. To find out how to participate, please call 575-758-8731 or email us at

Participate in the Community Garden Project

Are you or someone you know interested in the participating in the Community Garden Project? Call 575-758-8731 or email us at