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Food Sector Opportunity Project Are you thinking of developing a food business? Sign up for our week-long, biannual course in October, to learn about the ins and outs of creating your own food production. FSOP provides information about every aspect of food production with a week-long course covering: History and Culture of food Marketing Concepts,

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Taos County Farm-to-School Collaboration

Taos County Farm-to-School Collaboration Thornburg Foundation Led by Agriculture Implementation Research & Education (A.I.R.E.), this project is working to create an integrated ecosystem in Taos County that fills gaps in the local food chain in order to support local farmers and ranchers (many of them veterans) and takes advantage of local procurement opportunities in the

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Native Food Summit Builds on the Strengths and Wisdom of Land Based Cultures

Native Food Summit Builds on the Strengths and Wisdom of Land-Based Cultures By Tamra Testerman French-Lakotan Pati Martinson, the interim director for Native American Food Sovereignty and current director of Taos County Economic Development Corp., said, "Connecting food to health… the land and water and those seeds that people have saved and traded

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