Educational Resources

Taos County Economic Development Co. is here to help, making it as easy as possible to navigate food regulations, applying for new permits, or locating heirloom seeds.

NM Environment Department Applications & Forms


ANSI Approved Programs

The Taos Food Center requires that at least one employee at each permitted food establishment be a Certified Food Protection Manager to be present for the entirety of food production. All tenants of Taos Food Center, any individual working with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or food contact surfaces must have their Food Handler Card.

Check out New Mexico Environment Department for more information or call TCEDC at 575-758-8731 to make an appointment today.

Seeds Sources

Native American Seed Request

Native Seeds/SEARCH offers memberships and limited quantities of seeds to Native Americans living in the Greater Southwest region at no charge. The Greater Southwest region roughly spans the distance from Durango Colorado in the north to Durango Mexico in the south, from Las Vegas Nevada in the west to Las Vegas New Mexico in the east. Native Americans belonging to tribes outside of this region are eligible to receive discounted seeds and memberships.

Community Seed Grants

Native Seeds/SEARCH offers small donations to eligible organizations in the Greater Southwest region. These Community Seed Grants are designed to support the work of educators and those working to enhance the nutritional, social, economic, or environmental health of underprivileged groups in the region, while simultaneously keeping locally-adapted crop varieties alive and in active use in farms and gardens. Priority is given to projects that will clearly benefit underprivileged groups.